Property in Turkey

The outside genuine individual purchaser must acquire a Property in Turkey expense number and after that ought to present the accompanying archives to the Land Registry Office: (I) Identification record or visa for the purchaser, together with its interpretation (ii) Two photographs of the purchaser taken inside the most recent a half year (iii) If an intermediary is following up for the purchaser's benefit, the first or guaranteed duplicate of the intensity of lawyer and its endorsed interpretation.

The Land Registry Office will check the purchaser against the important confinements (sketched out in Section 2 above). On the off chance that none of these confinements influence the purchaser, the Land Registry Office will turn its request to investigation of the property's area. The Land Registry Office asks with the pertinent military experts whether the property is situated inside a military or unique zone. In the event that the military experts exhort the Land Registry Office that the property is in a military zone, the purchaser should apply for a license to buy the property. At the point when the Land Registry Office asks with the military experts about the property's area, the purchaser must pay the circling capital charge. This charge is for the guide arranged by the Cadastre Directorate. The purchaser and vender may consent to share the expense of this charge.